Wonderful Things to Do in Montana

Montana is bustling with so many fun and exciting outdoor activities to do. You can expect that you will never get bored when you are camping in this place. In fact, you just won’t be able to stay long inside your camping tent, as you would want to make the most out of your vacation. Now before you go pack your camping equipment to head to Montana, plan your activities first. Here are some of those that you can consider for your camping vacation.


Biking is one of the most popular activities in Montana. This place offers countless of biking adventure opportunities as well as endless spectacular vistas that will make your biking activity even more worthwhile. Montana has over 30 scenic trails that you can explore on a bicycle. Not only would you enjoy the majestic views, you will also keep yourself fit and healthy.
Some of the best options on biking trails include Lake Koocanusa Loop, Flint Creek Ramble, Pioneer Mountains/Crystal Park, Wolf Creek Foothills Loop Road Bike, Columbia Falls Out and Back, Two Moon Park, Alkali Creek, Big Hole River, Clark Fork River Trail, and the Rimrock Trail.

To ensure safety and comfort during your biking adventure, learn and develop important cycling skills. Determine the length and difficulty of the trail you have chosen and see to it that you don’t choose a biking trail that is beyond your capacity. Don’t go riding without wearing protective gear. Take regular breaks and drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.

Bird Watching

Another enjoyable activity to do in Montana is bird watching. As a matter of fact, this state is often dubbed as a birding paradise by many outdoor lovers. The best of Montana’s birding trails include Birding Trails in Montana’s Russell Country, Custer Country Southeastern Montana Birding Trail, Montana’s Northeastern Birding Trail, Missoula Valley Birding and Nature Trail and Bitterroot Trail, and Montana Birding and Nature Trail.

Some of the bird species to watch out for include Magpie, Loon, Hummingbird, Harlequin Duck, King Fisher, Pelican, Great Blue Heron, Trumpeter Swan, Curlew, Meadowlark, Western Tanager, Chickadee, Killdeer, Osprey, Mountain Bluebird, Swallow, Bald Eagle, and many more.

When going on a bird watching adventure, be sure to arrive very early in the morning to be able to see the birds. Bring binoculars for maximum enjoyment. Don’t make too much noise, as this will disturb birds and drive them away.


Montana is also popular for fishing activity. Blackfoot, Smith, and Missouri are the best rivers that are famous for wild trout for fishing. Not only would you enjoy catching fish, you will also love the immense beauty of the surroundings while you’re fishing in the lakes of Montana.


Hiking is yet another favorite activity done by people who camp in Montana. Montana, which is a word derived from a Latin word that means “mountainous” has lots of wonderful hiking trails that any hiker would adore. There are 77 mountain ranges to explore in this state. You can go through the rugged Continental Divide trails, the jagged peaks of Glacier Park, or the trails at the Big Sky Country.