Three Reasons To Go Camping in Montana

There is a reason why the great state of Montana is called “The Last Best Place.” This is because the state is home to the most spectacular wonders of nature found in the country; some spectacular examples include the Northern Rocky Mountains, the Bitterroot Mountains, the glaciers found at the Glacier National Park, and the Blackfoot and Flathead Rivers, to name a few. Owing to the beauty of its natural landscape, Montana therefore attracts millions of visitors each year— all pitching camping tents in designated areas, having their own picnics using a Coleman grill, and doing different kinds of outdoor activities to their hearts’ desire. These visitors come home enamored with the rugged beauty of the terrain. If these are not convincing enough, here are three more reasons why you should try camping in Montana.

Diverse wildlife

Nature lovers and nature photographers would love the experience of camping in any of Montana’s campgrounds since the state is home to so many species of animals local to the region. In fact, many people have planned an entire camping trip just bird-watching or wildlife-viewing. In Montana, you can experience the thrill of being face-to-face with animals such as the grizzly bears, horses, deer, moose, elk, porcupines, wolves, and even bats. Reptiles that grow in multitudes in the region include frogs, salamanders, softshell turtles, alligator lizards, boas, and vipers. Finally, avid bird-watchers would enjoy seeing falcons, quails, hummingbirds, loons, cranes, wrens, sparrows, pelicans, and bald eagles, among many others. For those who are planning to go wildlife-viewing, be sure to pitch your camping tents in areas that cannot be easily reached by other campers.

Various activities to do

Due to the diverse geographical features of the state, campers and outdoor enthusiasts will find so many things to do here. Apart from the above, other activities include fishing, mountain/road biking, climbing, hiking, and whitewater paddling, and flatwater paddling and canoeing; in the winter activities here include cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. Not too many destinations offer such a wide array of activities to choose from, and this diversity is one of the reasons why Montana is a top place to visit any time of the year. In the summer, after a tiring day trekking or biking, or fishing, visitors can then retire inside their respective camping tents, or barbecue up a storm using a Coleman grilland share stories with fellow campers round a roaring fire.

Unique places to visit

Finally, one of the finest examples of unique landscapes found in Montana is the spectacular view of the mountains found in the Glacier National Park. These glaciers, formed almost 170 million years ago, lent the park its name and comprise the centerpiece of this national recreation area. Camping tents are allowed here, so are RV-campers. Another unique place to visit is the Hell Creek Formation, which is a major source of dinosaur fossils, such as “Jane,” the world’s most complete juvenile tyrannosaurus rex discovered by paleontologist Jack Horner of the Museum of the Rockies located in Bozeman.