Three Reasons Why Georgetown Lake is a Great Campsite

According to a report on a January 2010 issue of the Billings Gazette, visitors to Montana last year topped the 10 million mark, making Montana one of the most popular tourist destinations in the US. Rick Hoeninghausen, Sales Director of Xanterra (concessionaire for the Yellowstone National Park), says that this is due to the fact that Americans are now showing a preference for vacationing closer to home due to the tough economic times. In addition, more and more people are flocking to the state’s national parks— relaxing comfortably around their camping tents— due to the exceptional beauty of the state’s major landmarks. One such example is Georgetown Lake.

Georgetown Lake is a widely popular recreation area surrounded by the Flint Creek Range to the north and the Pintlers to the south. Apart from the lake itself, outdoor enthusiasts flock to the surrounding area during the summer and spring camping seasons. The 3,000 acre region surrounding the lake is home to hundreds of different campgrounds and lodging accommodations, and during the peak season, hundreds of camping tents can be seen dotting the nearby areas. There are so many reasons why you should try camping near Georgetown Lake; here are the top three.

Plenty of camping facilities

As was previously mentioned, there are plenty of campgrounds in the areas surrounding Georgetown Lake. These include Cable Mountain Campground, Crystal Creek Campground, Flint Creek Campground, East Fork Campground And Picnic Area, Lodgepole Campground, Spillway Campground, and Stony Campground, just to name a few. All of these campgrounds are well maintained and provide modern amenities in varying levels. During the peak camping season occurring from May to September, one can see numerous tents camping in these areas; nevertheless, there is plenty of room for anyone— even for those who arrive via cars or RVs.

Plenty of activities

Since the centerpiece of this camping region is the famous Georgetown Lake, a lot of the major activities that can be done here are related to water, foremost of which are boating, windsurfing, and fishing. Among the range species found in the lake, the most commonly available in Georgetown Lake are Kokanee salmon and rainbow trout. If your family is crazy about fishing and boating, you all can benefit from the public boat ramps installed throughout the area. Of course, once you get tired from all that fishing, you can always go back to your camping tents, roast a few hotdogs over a roaring campfire, and share stories with the family. In the summer, numerous tents camping near the lake can be seen in broad daylight, proof that so many people are drawn to the area.

It is a year-round travel destination

Georgetown Lake is not just a summer and spring destination; it is also a popular winter vacation spot. In the winter, when the lake has frozen over, it can be used for ice fishing and snowmobiling activities. Georgetown Lake is also near the Discovery Ski Area located in Philipsburg, MT. If you’d rather be warm indoors than stay in camping tents outdoors, then there is also a wide selection of lodges, cabins, and ski resorts operating during the winter.