A Roundup of the Best Campgrounds in Montana

If you haven’t tried camping before, and feel that you would like to try this out for yourself, then perhaps the best place to start is in Montana. One of the great Western states, Montana is not just known for its reputation as a the “Land of the Shining Mountains,” it is also home to a wide range of diverse environmental features such as mountain ranges, rivers, lakes, valleys, and prairies. The rustic and rugged beauty of Montana’s natural environment is the primary reason why many campers are drawn to the state, especially during the summer and spring seasons. If you have no idea where to start, here is a roundup of some of the best campgrounds found in the state.

Kalispell Area Campgrounds- The Kalispell area has 30 separate campgrounds spread throughout Flathead National Forest (Lid Creek, Ronan State Park, Spotted Bear, Wayfarers, West Shore, Big Arm, etc.); Glacier National Park (Quartz Creek, Fish Creek, Logging Creek, Bowman Lake, Kintla Lake, etc.) and Lewis and Clark National Forest. This area provides facilities dedicated to various outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing, boating, wildlife viewing, and of course, camping. Depending on your planned activity, it is a good idea to bring the right camping equipment to help you maximize the trip. If you plan on camping in any of the well-appointed campgrounds, you can bring along camping furniture such as folding tables and chairs to enhance the camping experience. Camping season in this area falls from May to September.

Billings Area Campgrounds- This area is dominated by rugged mountain terrain, making it an ideal location for backpackers, hikers, and trekkers. The area has 27 dedicated campgrounds, all catering to specific camping needs. The excellent facilities in campgrounds such as Limber Pine, Sage Creek, Crazy Creek, Barry’s Landing, Horseshoe Bend, Basin, Palisades, Cascade, Sheridan, Ratine, Parkside, and Greenough Lake, among others, all offer places where campers of all levels can safely pitch a tent, set up their camping equipment and camping furniture, and enjoy spectacular views of Montana’s famed mountain ranges in utter security. Other activities that are allowed in these campgrounds include boating, rockhounding, wildlife viewing, and swimming.

Great Falls Area Campgrounds- Owing to its proximity to the Mississippi River, this area is perfect for activities such as fishing, boating, and hiking. The area has 21 separate campgrounds that are slightly secluded from the rest. This is a perfect getaway for those who are seeking for a bit of privacy. If you wish to make the hiking or fishing trip more comfortable, don’t forget to bring portable camping furniture such as chairs that can help you relax after a whole day of hiking, or while cooking the day’s catch over a roaring fire. Since the area is slightly secluded, it is also a good idea to pack essential supplies and camping equipment for your safety. Campgrounds such as West Fork, Cave Mountain, Coalbanks, Lake Elwell Reservoir, Fresno Reservoir, Grasshopper Creek, Spring Creek, Dry Wolf, Indian Hill, Richardson Creek, Hay Canyon, Ackley Lake State Park, Crystal Lak, and so on, are open during the summer.