Going on A Montana Camping Trip? Here are the Top Five Must-Have Camping Gear

When planning on a camping trip, especially in areas such as Flathead Valley, the Glacier National Park, or Missoula in Montana— three of the more popular camping destinations in the Western US— it is always important to come prepared. Not only should you bring the appropriate camping equipment, you also have to prepare the right set of camping accessories to ensure that you have all that you and your family will need while camping.

There are many factors that determine the kinds of camping gear and accessories required for any camping trip. For example, the activities you plan on doing while camping, such as fishing, hiking, or boating, should determine what camping accessories and equipment you should bring for the duration of the trip. However, there are still general items that must be brought. Here is a list of the top five must-have camping gear.

Tent- A camping tent is important for it will serve as your home away from home for the duration of your camping trip. Thus, it must accommodate all the members of the family, with extra space for storing all camping accessories. The tent must also be appropriate for the season, which is why you must check if your camping tent is a one-season or a three-season tent. The tent must be able to provide ventilation during warm days but must also protect against the cold nights. They must also be able to withstand rains and gusty winds.

Sleeping Bags- Since sleeping bags will serve as your beds, they have to be very comfortable. Each member of the family must have one sleeping bag; however, as long as you have room for it, why not bring an extra one for added security. You have to get a good night’s sleep so that everyone will be relaxed and well-rested for the physical activities of the following day. If you plan on staying in places where the weather is a bit colder at night, you can also pack extra pillows and blankets, especially for younger children.

Food and Water Supplies- Of course, no camping will be complete without enough food and water supplies for the whole family. Be sure to prepare food in a way that they will not spoil easily. For this, you can also bring an ice cooler as your temporary refrigerator. Then, you also have to bring lots of water to keep everyone hydrated.

Portable Stove- If you are planning on going camping in a semi-secluded area, don’t forget to bring a portable cooking stove. This is is what you will be using to heat water and cook food. With a portable stove, you will be able to enjoy hot meals every day. Moreover, using portable stove is safer since you will avoid using open fires for cooking food, which could cause a fire if left unattended.

Safety Accessories- Finally, among your camping gear, you should also be packing implements to ensure everyone’s safety and security. For example, you must have with you camping accessories such as flashlights, lighters, firestarters, propane heaters, portable fans, lanterns and other illuminating devices, and of course, your first aid kit.