Four Popular Campground Trails in Montana

For first-time campers in the Montana camping circuit, the task of choosing the best location in which to experience wonders of nature “The Great Treasure State” has to offer could be quite daunting. To simplify the process, the first step that must usually be done is to plan ahead. Planning ahead includes preparing the equipment. For example, if you are headed to a fishing trip near the shore, it is a good idea to bring propane heaters for added warmth. It is also advised that you pack essential camping supplies. Another aspect of planning ahead is of course, choosing a location and creating an itinerary for the trip. Here are four popular campground trails that you can explore.

Hood Creek Campground

Due to the campgrounds’ proximity to the city of Bozeman, many locals and students from MSU also frequent these areas surrounding the Hyalite Reservoir, making it a popular venue among hikers, campers, anglers, and virtually anyone who would like to rest and relax in the great outdoors. However, if you desire a little privacy and seclusion, you can choose from among Hood Creek’s 20 separate campgrounds. Here, as in any campground throughout the state, the peak season usually occurs around May to September.

Clinton Montana Camping Sites

The campgrounds located in Clinton, Montana, amidst the Lolo National Forest soffer various activities on the side. For example, Dalles is a great tent camping facility located between steep cliffs, affording campers with magnificent views of the Sapphire Mountains. With just 10 separate campsites, this area could be quite secluded if this is the kind of thing you would like for a camping trip. Although facilities are provided, you can also pack extra propane heaters among your camping supplies to guarantee warm nights. Apart from camping in Dalles, you can also try fly-fishing in Rock Creek, considered by many as a fly-fishing paradise.

Kalispell Area Campgrounds

These campgrounds are scattered within the vast Glacier National Park, a favorite camping destination in Montana. Here, along with the glaciers that lent their name to the park, campers can experience rugged camping conditions amidst lush forests and near man-made reservoirs. Since the area is home to many local animals such as the infamous grizzly bears, expect to get a glimpse of these creatures while you are staying in any of the area’s 30 separate campgrounds. For those camping in the woods, it is advised that propane heaters be used at night—rather than allowing campfires to burn continuously—in order to ensure fire safety.

Gardiner Montana Camping Sites

These campsites found within the huge Yellowstone National Park are so popular that during peak camping seasons, it could be hard to get a reservation in designated RV-camping and tent-camping areas. If you like the feel of RV-camping, then you can try Fishing Bridge RV Park as it was developed to house large camping vehicles and RVs. Although modern amenities are provided, be armed with ample camping supplies so that you can continue camping unbothered by other concerns.