Five Steps to Help You Cook Hearty Meals While Camping

For some, one part of camping that they do not enjoy is the thought of eating horrible food while at camp. In the old days, people used simple implements and camping equipment used for cooking food. It was just not possible to have anything fancier while at camp. Nowadays, however, manufacturers such as Camp Chef have come up with more sophisticated cooking tools that can be used for these purposes. If you don’t think you can cook and eat well while camping, then here are five easy steps to help you dispel that idea.

Prepare a menu

Just like what you would do at home, planning meals always starts with planning a menu. Count the number of days you will be at camp and then the number of meals you will want to prepare during that time. In planning a menu, the meals should not be extra fancy but still look appetizing and must be nutritious. First, choose recipes using colorful vegetables such as stir-fry, salads, or even pasta. Then, also choose recipes that can be cooked easily and must not use extra fuel resources; for this it is a good idea to have some items-precooked, just make sure that you pack and store these properly.

Gather all the ingredients

Once you have identified the menu, it is time to gather all the ingredients, place them in zip-lock bags or airtight containers. Those that can be pre-cooked must also be packed in airtight containers. Label all the ingredients; better yet, place all the ingredients of one recipe in their respective bags or containers. Once you have gathered all of these, place them in an ice-box to prevent spoilage.

Gather all the equipment you will need

Aside from the ingredients, you should next gather all the equipment you will need. If you are car-camping, then you can pack extra cooking tools along with your other camping equipment. Do remember to bring, however, just what you need. For example, one Camp Chef skillet and pot, a portable grill and stove, and some extra tools could suffice. If you must bring utensils, then consider buying the Camp Chef 9-Piece Outdoor Chef Tool Set including knives, a carving fork, a spatula, a stew spoon, etc. as this will simplify the task further.

Assign a cooking area in the campsite

Once you have established a campground, which will be your home for the next few days, immediately assign a cooking area. It must be a few feet away from the tents to avoid possible fires. In this area, place all the implements that you have and set them up in such a way that they are all laid out and visible, ready for use.

Bring extra accessories and supplies

Finally, to help you get started, you should also have extra supplies packed amongst your camping equipment. These could include charcoal, propane cylinders, lighters, trash bags, cleaners, etc. These will make the task of cooking easier and more manageable.

Remember, with careful planning, there is no reason why you and your family cannot enjoy hearty meals while camping. Good luck!