Custom MREs

Custom MREs are a way to create your MREs. You can pick the entree, as well as the bread, dessert, snack, coffee, drink mix, hygienic items and anything else you might wish. We also have a range of foods to satisfying both dietary and cultural needs as well. Custom MRE also has a range of options from vegetarian to zero-gluten!

If you order 1000 or more MREs, we’ll put your logo on the bag, free of charge. Definitely a clever fundraising idea.

Contact us at our email address for Custom MRE orders and we’ll work with you to get the best option for your needs. At Camping in Montana, we have a lot of flexibility to customize your meals for your specific needs. Our MREs can be customized for any application or any customer’s needs.

EMA/LEO/International/Corporate Orders – You should contact us directly for these orders.