Camping For The First Time? Here’s What You Should Bring

According to the latest statistics, an increasing number of people look to tent camping as a more practical way of spending a vacation with one’s family rather than travel to another country (KoA, Kampgrounds of America). If you are one of the millions of Americans planning on going camping this summer, there are so many premier destinations you can choose from; some of these are located in the great Western state of Montana.

It is a known fact that Montana is a state favored by outdoor activity enthusiasts, especially tent camping fans, because of its diverse geographical features, and therefore, the number of outdoor activities that can be done here. It is no secret that Montana offers the most spectacular natural landscapes found in the western region. It has mountains, lush valleys, grassy plains, verdant fields, and turquoise lakes— a veritable collection of natural landscapes not seen anywhere. For first-time campers looking for the perfect opportunity to go camping with their family this summer, here is a roundup of items you should not forget to bring.

Basic Equipment

Certainly, you cannot go camping without the basic camping equipment. To help you get started, these are essentially categorized into three groups: shelter and bedding, cooking, and furniture. For shelter and bedding, you need to have a good quality camping tent which can accommodate all the members of the family. To make the tent camping experience more memorable, why not get a cabin tent, which is more spacious and roomier. It also has to be appropriate depending on the season. Bedding includes sleeping bags, pillows, and blankets. The second category includes tools used for cooking food such as a portable stove or grill; finally, the third group includes foldable camping chairs and tables to make eating and relaxing more convenient and comfortable.

Camping Supplies

Apart from camping equipment, you should also have the right amounts of camping supplies to keep your camping experience running smoothly. On top of the list are food and water supplies enough for the entire family’s needs for the number of days you will go camping. You can also add extra supplies just in case you will need them. Other supplies include batteries for the lantern, propane cylinders for the stove, as well as firewood for your campfire. The camping supplies you will need to bring will also depend on the kinds of activities you are planning to do, such as fishing, trekking, and the like.

Safety Accessories

Finally, to ensure that the camping experience is a safe one, do not forget to bring safety accessories. These include your first aid kit, extra rope and tape, whistles, lighters, and compass, just to name a few. As an an added safety measure, do not forget to acquaint yourself with fire safety practices while camping. These include not leaving a campfire burning during the night, and setting up a cooking area a few feet from where the tents are pitched.

Do remember that these are just the basics, depending on your itinerary and personal preferences, then you may add other camping equipment and accessories you require.